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Hortech's Corporate Social Responsibility | Self-developed, patented precision laser systems and machines, optimal processes, integrated laser and optic-mechatronic technologies.

Hortech's Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility


Hortech Company is committed to protecting the earth, facilitating prosperity, and improving people's well-being. It strives to achieve the 17 goals that the United Nations proposed. Hortech employs laser technologies to provide OEM/ODM services in the micromachining industry. The laser it employs is a dry process, which is environmentally friendly. The products Hortech produces can be widely applied. For example, its code wheels and tape scales of optical encoders are critical to precision measurement and calibration. They could be used in robotics, wind energy, and medical and surgical devices. Hortech aims to grow its business in these areas, which helps provide affordable and clean energy and realize good health and well-being.

Hortech has engaged in industry-academia cooperation for a long time and won multiple awards. Its founder Dr. Owen Chun Hou Li also serves as the instructor of practices in multiple higher education institutions and for laser-related associations. He regularly trains student interns and helps faculty enter the business. Hortech identifies and recruits talents from higher education institutions. It provides its employees with decent work in a safe, inclusive environment. It treats its employees with respect and dignity without gender discrimination. It encourages both female and male employees to pursue career development. Furthermore, by serving both nearby and remote industrial clients, Hortech promotes both local and international economic growth. By continuously researching and developing cutting-edge laser technologies and integrating these with machining and optoelectronics, Hortech sparks creativity and innovation. Finally, Hortech shoulders the production responsibility by carefully coordinating with its clients and implementing rigorous quality control mechanism.

Net Zero

Global warming and the consequent climate change have caused disasters across the globe, including wildfires, heat waves, droughts, floods, and so on. The natural environment and ecology have hence suffered. To achieve net zero, it is critical to fundamentally change the ways of how we consume, produce, and transport. Hortech adopts dry processes that won't produce the chemicals that wet processes would produce. Such processes are highly adaptable and applicable. Hortech continuously develops and employs new processes that reduce carbon emissions and other pollutants.


Corporate Social Responsibility | Taiwan Laser Processing Services & Laser Engraving Machines Manufacturer | Hortech Co.

Located in Taiwan since 2006, Hortech Company has been a manufacturer providing precision laser processing services and custom designed machines. Its core techniques include: laser micro-etching, micro-drilling, micro-cutting, and laser engraving. It has successfully developed products for diverse industries, including optical scales for factory automation and robotics, superfine reticles for the defense industry, and wafer dicing and drilling for the semiconductor industry. Hortech's laser OEM/ODM services have served industrial partners from around the world.

Hortech Company was established by Dr. Owen Chun Hao Li in 2016. It has developed a laser marking system used for the traceability of medical circuit boards for a Taiwanese circuit manufacturer in 2018. It has developed the triple wavelength laser combined machining system for a Singapore manufacturer in 2017. It produced different types of magnetic and optical scales with high accuracy for encoders and actuators since 2019. Hortech kept upgrading its laser machines and expanding its services to different regions. Its rigorous quality control processes ensures its clients' needs are satisfied.

Hortech Co. has been offering customers ultra-precision laser machining services and laser CNC machines since 2006, both with advanced technology and 27 years of experiences, Hortech Co. ensures each customer's demands are met.